Eid ul-Fitr Breakfast Menu

Eid ul-Fitr Breakfast Menu

Every year, we host my family for Eid Breakfast. It is a new tradition that we started when Kashif and I got married and we really enjoy having people over and entertaining. The main aim of our breakfasts are to make new dishes and surprise our guests. This year we decided to share our menu on Instagram as well as the inspiration that led to the dishes I chose. If there were any recipes you were looking out for, you will find them here!

Group shot of all the dishes! Which one was your favourite?



This was my original menu, I used Canva to make it. Canva is a free website with templates that you can play around with and make your own designs on. I printed this before I went grocery shopping and some menu items changed as I could not find everything. For example, the fruit in my fruit cups. I also changed the Phyllo Prawns to Tempura Prawns to save time.


Fruit Salad Cups

I purchased the plastic cups from Bakeware Boutique, they are a thicker plastic so not disposable which I prefer. I paid R25 for 5 if I remember correctly. In my fruit cups are: orange segments, granadilla pulp, strawberries, Parisienne paw paw and apple pieces, raspberries, pomegranate arils and mint. I decorated them with edible snapdragon flowers from Woolworths (R24.99) and placed them on a Revol slate plate which I purchased years ago from a clearance home store in Cavendish Square. The wooden forks are from Osman’s on Lansdowne road.


Mini Flapjack Stack

I got the idea for these mini flapjack stacks from Cookies Bakery & Takeaway just off Lansdowne Road, in Flamingo Crescent. In Ramadan I had bought some of these for Iftar, except theirs had caramel treat, bananas and cream! They were divine but I decided not to put caramel treat or cream on mine. Instead going for banana between each layer and a dot of honey. I added a piece of strawberry for the top and dusted them with icing sugar. The toothpick/holders are from CAB foods in Access Park. You can find the recipe for the flapjacks here. I made them plain and used about 1 tsp of batter to make one pancake. This recipe made loads so I put the rest in the freezer.


Naan, Spiced Beef & Cheese

The next dish is something that we started having when we moved to Cape Town. Naan was always on our breakfast table but served with Khalya or Kebab. I really enjoy having this with tea and it’s perfect for the person who is looking for a colder savoury dish. The Naan was made by my Mother, using my Nanima’s recipe.


Kebab in Saffron Yoghurt Sauce

This next recipe I shared on Ramadan Whisk (Radio 786). You can find the recipe for the sauce here. The only change I made to the Kebab, was to roll them in a longer shape instead of balls. Visually this looked much better, I garnished the dish with yoghurt, a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and micro herbs from Woolworths (R24,99). They were served with Kumar’s cocktail rotis from Cape Spice Emporium on Lansdowne Road.


Salmon & Dill Crepes

Pancakes: 1 cup flour, 2 eggs, bunch of dill, pinch of salt, 1 1/3 cups milk. Blend all ingredients or mix with a whisk. Brush a non stick pan with a little bit of oil and pour a little batter in. Swirl the pan to make sure there are no gaps. When the edges start to brown and curl, flip the pancake over and cook for a few seconds then take out and repeat process.

I made these the night before and assembled in the morning. The filling was cream cheese seasoned with chopped dill, salt, pepper and lemon juice. I spread a little cream cheese onto half of the pancake then topped with smoked salmon/rainbow trout. The red onion was finely sliced and pickled for a few minutes in lemon juice. I put some red onion inside the pancake and folded it in thirds to make a triangle and garnished with the same micro herbs.


Tempura Prawn

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make phyllo/Kataifi prawns. Due to time constraints I decided to change this menu item at the last minute. I cleaned the prawns the night before by removing the legs but keeping the tail on. The prawns were from Food Lover’s Market. I paid R50 for 350g which was just enough! I made a very simple batter of flour, salt and cayenne pepper mixed with water to make a thin batter. The consistency should be thick enough to form a steady stream when you lift up a spoon. The prawns were the last thing I prepared for breakfast. I did not want them to be cold, so I fried them just when the guests arrived. I held each prawn by the tail and dipped them into the batter, frying them on either side for a few minutes. I served them with a mayo, sriracha, cayenne pepper and lemon juice sauce which was quite spicy but delicious. I garnished them again with micro herbs lol.


Badam Milk

The badam milk was made with ground almond and pistachios, sugar, fine vermicelli, ground cardamom and ghee! I do everything to taste so it was approximately 2Tb of ground nuts, 1/2 tsp of ground cardamom, a bunch of vermicelli which I crushed with my hands and 1 heaped tsp of ghee. I used sweetener instead of sugar. All of this was boiled together until piping hot and served in the little Moroccan tea glasses.


Simple Table Setting

The end! That’s all folks, if there is anything I missed that you would like to know, please drop me a comment below or hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @myhungryhusband. I hope everyone had a lovely day with their families this Eid!

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