Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips for #Glowcleanse

Healthy Eating and Cooking Tips for #Glowcleanse

I started this post as a recipe/guideline on how to cook healthier chicken. Half-way through I was inspired to turn it into a healthy cooking guide for everyone on the Glow Cleanse or who is trying to eat healthier, ’cause you know 2018 goals.

Healthy Eating Tips

We are always trying to eat healthy but healthy chicken usually involves some bland white piece of meat that is either steamed or grilled with salt and pepper. Well let me tell you spices, herbs and lemon juice are your friend.

If you are trying to meat your protein requirements you don’t need to be eating boring chicken. Take a pack of 4 chicken breasts and prep this during the weekend. Cutting each chicken breast in half is a good idea if you tend to over or undercook a whole chicken breast. It is also better than cutting it into strips. Rather cut it in half horizontally or leave it whole and cook it then slice it afterwards. It will retain more moisture this way and won’t be dry and horrible.

Spices & Herbs

Spices and herbs are a great way to add flavour without adding salt, fat and extra calories. As long as you are using pure spices and not spice mixes you are good to go. Spice mixes contain a lot of salt or even MSG and it would be better if you control how much salt you are adding. Pink Himalayan salt is a good alternative to regular iodated salt. There are some herbs that should just be standard in your fridge. You all know which are my favourites (coriander, basil, thyme). Other herbs like rosemary and sage would also go really well.

Below are some examples of combinations to help you make your chicken more exciting:

  • ground cumin and coriander
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper, chilli flakes
  • thyme and lemon
  • rosemary and lemon
  • coriander, green chilli and lemon juice
  • cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt and lemon juice *pictured
  • white pepper, black pepper, salt and lemon juice
  • blend basil, olive oil, coriander, mint and lemon juice (to use as a marinade)

Cooking Method

Cooking methods are just as important as your ingredients. You could have healthy food and cook them in an unhealthy way. Instead of deep frying or shallow frying use a non stick mat and bake or grill in the oven.

Use spray and cook instead of oil, or use less oil to pan fry foods. The type of oil is essential. Canola oil, coconut oil and olive oil are good to use. If you are going to use oil measure it and try not to use more than 1tsp. I know it sounds like a little. You would be surprised how big a difference measuring out your ingredients can make in the long term.

I hope these tips helped or at least inspired you to cook and eat healthier this year! Let me know your tips in the comment section!