Ramadan Recipes 2018 Volume 2

Ramadan Recipes 2018 Volume 2

There was such a great response to my first PDF of Ramadan Recipes 2018 that I decided to make another one!

This one is filled with even more ideas for Sehri and Iftar that are easy to follow, healthy and nutritious. Some of them do not have exact measurements as you can use what you have, there is no right or wrong here, just your own preferences. Use it as a guide to inspire your cooking 🙂

I have incorporated a variety of recipes in both sections, keeping with the theme of fresh food, made from scratch that doesn’t require much effort or frying! These meals contain a lot of fresh ingredients but are still comforting for the winter weather. I wish I could fit more in, but if you are looking for anything else, you could probably find it on my blog.

You can download Volume 2 here:

MHH Ramadan Recipes Volume 2

I hope you enjoy them and all the best with this coming month.

xx Ilhaam a.k.a The Wife

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